• Lexan face replacement
    Is your sign tired, faded, cracked or illegible? Or do you have new tenants? We can replace your Lexan faces and service the sign as well if needed.
  • Lamp replacement
    We can perform bulb replacements, electrical troubleshooting or even neon to LED conversions.
  • Ballast replacement
    Has your light burned out? We can perform electrical work and replace bulbs or ballasts as you need.
  • Bulb replacement
    Bulb replacements 40 feet high? No problem. We have certified electricians and a 60’ reach capability for your service needs.
  • Sign painting
    Old sign? Non-working neon? We offer paint services, neon to LED conversions, or even neon removal to refresh that aging sign.
  • Electrical services
    We are certified electricians and UL listed. We can diagnose, repair, replace and offer solutions to update your current signage.
  • Cleaning services
    We can help prolong the life of your signage with our sign cleaning services. Whether it’s addressing your signage functionality or aesthetic, with a reach of 60’, we can tackle small and large projects.