LED Digital Signage New Mexico

SignPlex, New Mexico’s trusted source for innovative indoor and outdoor business marketing solutions, is proud to offer LED digital signage in New mexico from Watchfire. Known for their legendary reliability and supreme quality, Watchfire outdoor digital signs are the most technologically advanced signage solutions available. Companies across New Mexico are generating new business and increasing their sales by installing dazzling Watchfire LED signs on their building facades and plaza marques. Now, your storefront or office can stand out in vivid color day or night,rain or shine, with Watchfire LED digital signage from SignPlex of New Mexico.

Watchfire Signage

If your business is looking for outdoor signage that utilizes premium technology, Watchfire signs will not disappoint. A world-class engineering team designs each sign to withstand even the worst weather conditions. As the most technologically advanced signage available on the market, each custom Watchfire sign is built with the industry’s highest quality electrical components. Using a state-of-the-art whole sign calibration process, the finished product is a marvelously engineered masterpiece that will perform without failure for years to come. With Watchfire LED digital signage, your business will never be left in the dark!

Why LED Signage is Superior to Neon

Though many people are used to seeing neon signage used in several capacities, LED signage is quickly replacing neon as the go-to lighting solution for outdoor signs. LED signage can be updated constantly while neon signs cannot be changed after their creation. LED lights are brighter than neon but that doesn’t mean they use more power. LED lights can use up to 10 times less power than the average neon light. Neon lights also require more maintenance and are not environmentally friendly due to their noxious gases, making LED lights a safe, cost-effective and simple business signage solution.

SignPlex & Watchfire: Your Outdoor Signage Team

Outdoor signage can do wonders for your business. Bright, dazzling LED signs created by Watchfire require limited maintenance, utilize less power than neon lights and will continue to function fantastically through any form of weather. LED digital signage from Watchfire and SignPlex — exactly what you need to brighten up your business future!

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